When Should You Prune?

I am sure many of you have noticed the beautiful blooming trees of late.

Trees Along Road

Thanks to my neighbor, I am able to enjoy a street-lined with blooming Bradford Pear trees as I make my daily drive. I wait all year to see those beautiful trees bloom. Can you imagine if my neighbor decided to prune them as they were blooming? I would be devastated! Pruning is important, but pruning at the proper time is even more important. Many years ago, my husband paid someone to prune our trees and bushes. I assumed he was hiring someone that knew what they were doing; therefore, I did not go to the house and meet them. Big mistake! Big! I was not aware that I needed to explain to them not to prune anything that was blooming. Needless to say, when I got home all of my beautiful Jasmine bushes had been trimmed. Just like my neighbor’s Bradford Pear trees, I wait all year for the sweet scent of Jasmine to fill my yard. To say I was upset would be an understatement. That is why it is so important to hire a reputable professional such as Brad’s Tree Trimming. You already have a job; you should not have to meet someone you have hired as their profession to tell them not to trim blooming trees and shrubs. Yes, you should meet with them beforehand to discuss the style of trimming you like and to get their advice on what works best. For example, I like more natural looking landscaping, my mother-in-law on the other hand likes everything very symmetrical. It’s no different than décor styles inside your home, everyone has a unique style and preference.

So, when is the proper time to prune? The following is a general guideline from Good Housekeeping. Brad’s will be happy to plan a consultation with you and set up a schedule unique to your landscaping needs.

According to the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, in general, plants that bloom in the spring should be pruned immediately following blooming and plants that bloom in the summer should be pruned before growth begins in late February.


  • EARLY SPRING : Ornamental grasses

                             Semi-woody perennials                                               

                             Broad-leaved evergreens

                             Flowering bushes like roses and hydrangeas*



  • EARLY SUMMER: Evergreen shrubs

                                Spring flowering shrubs – forsythia, rhodendron and lilacs*


  • SUMMER or FALL: Sappy trees – maples, elms and birches


  • FALL: Flowers – deadhead perennials and annuals


  • WINTER: Deciduous trees and evergreens

*The U of A Agriculture Division puts flowering bushes into two categories: 1) spring bloomers set on older wood and 2) summer bloomers set on new wood or the current season’s growth.

Old wood – Flower buds are formed in the late summer or fall and carried through the winter and then flower in the spring. These include forsythia, hydrangea and azaleas.

New wood – Current season’s growth include Crape myrtles, buddleia and roses.

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